Digital Painted Pet Portraits

Hand Painted, Custom Digital Paintings of your Furry Best Friends!


Digital Painted Pets and Family Portraits

What better way to cherish your furry family members with a timeless, hand crafted piece of art, you have hand picked especially for your loved ones. Digital Painted Pet Portraits are hand painted by Daylesford artist Amy.

My paintings start on a white digital canvas, and I try to incorporate my own painting style with other traditional painting methods when creating your pet or family portrait. Paying special attention to your pets unique features, painting each brush stroke individually by hand. I believe your pet deserves the love and attention to make each masterpiece unique and extra special. I never use any filters or auto-painting techniques.

My general quote includes a realistic, fully body painting of your pet or family, with a blend of colours for the background. If you’re after something a bit different, feel free to ask. Detailed backgrounds are extra. Cartoon/Stylised portraits are available on request.
I’m happy to hand paint family members into your pet portraits as well.

High Resolution photos are preferred, but not essential. The better quality the reference photo helps with painting in the final details of your lovely pets. I can still accept lower quality photos, black and white, or slightly fuzzy images. Just let me know before quoting so I can make sure I can work with your photos.

digital painted pet portraits
digital painted pet portraits
digital pet paintings australia

Feel free to visit my facebook page for my most recent paintings.

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Why Digital Painting?

Digital paintings are less expensive to produce, since there’s no material or paint costs. They still require hours of work, to paint each stroke by hand, and to give the feel of a naturally painted portrait.

Painted portraits in traditional paints or oils are extremely labor intensive taking many hours to complete from study, sketching, applying layers of colour, waiting for drying, and wasting resources, such as paints and paper. Even the best quality paints will fade over time.

Unlike traditional painting methods, digital paintings are easier to frame and can be framed inexpensively using cheaper alternative frames. For alternative budget prints, please ask at our contact page for a quote.

I have chosen Digital means of painting as it allows us more freedom and control over your pets image, this allows me to paint differently, and for a more visually pleasing painting. As a huge animal lover myself, I want to give other animal lovers something so very special to cherish forever, and what better way to spoil someone with a custom hand painted portrait of their pets.

I use a Professional Wacom Cintiq interactive Graphics tablet that allows me to paint directly on to the screen this allows me full control over every single brush stroke, pressure of my strokes which is similar to traditional painting.

Printing Digital means Savings for you!

This also means I can print on a range of different products, such as recycled paper, T-shirts, Mugs, Stationary. Feel free to get in touch via our contact page to discuss our wide range of printing options.

Portrait Printing Options

There are a huge range of options you can choose from when ordering your portrait for printing.

This Includes:

If you’d like to print on something that’s not mentioned above let me know I’ll see if I can arrange the printing. Your digital file is included with the initial quote, so you can print and re-print as many times as you wish.

Quality printing

All my digital Pet Portraits are printed on high quality fine art inkjet paper and quality ink, though I’m happy to arrange budget options if need.

Postage – Australia Wide

For printed Artworks, I post anywhere in Australia. Though you can order just the digital file, and feel to print with your own local printers.
Paintings are posted through registered Australia Post in appropriate packaging depending on Canvas or Print order.

Pet Portraits from Photos

I use your supplied photo for reference when painting, to make sure I capture your pets or families unique features.